Why local SEO is essential for any business

seo ppc why local seo is important

To an estate agent, the value of “location, location, location” is widely understood and appreciated. Two homes of the same size and style can differ in price significantly depending on location. Right!

While we all understand that concept, do you value the idea of local SEO? If not, you are at risk of not achieving your full business potential.

Why does local SEO matter?

Social media, PPC marketing initiatives and video marketing are all essential tools for any business looking to be successful online. However, localised SEO is the most powerful tool of all. According to comScore research, 53% of people will use their mobile to search for directions to a local store and 50% will look up a local business address. On top of that, 18% of local smartphone searches led to a purchase within a day, compared with just 7% of non-local searches. With this in mind, can you really afford to miss out on local search?

The benefits of a local SEO campaign:


The bottom line is, people cannot turn to you if they do not know you are there. Putting your business out where it can be seen and contacted is essential. 90% of mobile users search for local information; if you aren't there, your competitors sure will be.


Optimising for search, having a beautiful site and an active social media presence is great. Optimising locally and keeping your service clear will keep you relevant. Users expect their search results to be local to them, this is what makes it relevant.


Web users trust the first page of Google. Showing higher up that page adds credibility and thus new customers are more likely to choose you. Local search is a high quality search which creates trust and often turns into (mostly offline) purchases.


Local SEO puts you in front of a potential customer, just at the moment they need you. Local SEO removes the guesswork and blanket targeting of traditional leaflet drops or adverts in your local paper. Instead, you can reach local customers just at the moment they are looking for your service and they're ready to purchase!

A local SEO campaign, geographically targeted to your area, is a winning idea if done correctly.

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