What do we expect from web design trends in 2017?

Mobile first web design

The web design world is constantly evolving with the release of new technologies, changing consumer behaviour and increasing expectations. Whilst the web design world continues to explore new avenues, some things remain the same and that is the principles of good web design. These principles should continue into 2017 as another era of design unfolds.

Mobile first design

The future of web design is all about mobile-first design; the process of designing for mobile (or smallest screened devices) first, then working up to the bigger ones. This trend has been on the rise for many years but we have reached a point where it is no longer a choice.

Mobile-phones are officially the primary devices used for browsing the web in the UK, companies realise their websites need to deliver content on a smaller screen more efficiently than a desktop - so it's about time for many. 

Since April this year, Google only boosts the rankings of sites which optimises content to mobile devices and users. Any site which isn’t optimised for mobile has seen a significant drop in where it ranks online. On top of this, user behaviour has changed. Users like mobile-optimised sites which make their browsing experience easier, and any site which don't meet these standards are losing users fast - 79% of users leave a site if it doesn't deliver on their mobile and swiftly find another that does! 

UX (user experience) is the most important aspect of design

Some say sites are all beginning to look the same, however these UX designs (patterns) are leading the web to become a more consistently user-friendly place to be. How do you think Facebook managed to overtake the MySpace giant? Consistent, user-friendly and predictable design.

This doesn't mean that all websites should look the same, but it is expected that they will all be mobile-friendly, clean, fast, and beaming with trust and quality.

The mobile-first and responsive approach to web design, as well as the increasing popularity of WordPress and pre-designed themes, has had a somewhat noticeable impact how many desktop sites work and look today.

Video content is king

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but a video does that tenfold. A moving image instantly captures the users attention and provides them with narrative and a brands' message, companies simply can't afford to ignore the need for quality video. Companies need to be story-tellers and mix up their marketing with video to hold the attention of their audience for longer. On this note, we hope to see less use of stock photography and more images screaming a brand story to us, enticing us to buy in to their ethos.


How does your website fit into the design trends of 2016/17? Do you provide a good experience for mobile users?

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